Carriage Café Seville

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A dining experience featuring a carriage constructed over 100 years ago, whether you plan to ride what is now the Warburton Trail, park at Old Seville Station (6 minute walk) or simply stop at the carpark (3 minute walk), the Carriage Café Seville is close enough to be accessible from many places.

We have a seasonal menu with a variety of foods, including vegetarian, gluten free and children's options. Our meals range from a hearty breakfast to lunch and desserts.

We have bike racks, horse yards, accessibility ramps and dog tie up areas, allowing almost anyone to access the Carriage.

Our café has heated and cooled indoor seating and alfresco dining on the platform for times when you want to enjoy the view.

The Carriage Café can support groups, however it's best to book ahead of time in order to reserve seating.

Our ingredients are taken from local producers such as the Seville Butcher, the Cherry Branch Fruit and Veg Wandin, the Wandin Bakery and the Big Berry Hoddles Creek.

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Carriage Café Seville

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